Friday, February 4, 2011


It is clear that when I am tired or stressed I rely entirely too much on sugar to make it through.  Yesterday I worked on a super top secret party book at a fab house in the valley.  The hours were long and I'm not sure if it was the mad roller coaster ride of sugar highs and lows or the charming nature of the fairy tale house in general, but as the shoot ground on I became more and more attached to this little fella;  The household KITCHEN GOAT!!!!!    She's actually not a fella but a girl-goat, and I can't tell you her name because I think that would break the confidentiality agreement I signed.  I'll call her Madonna, since it's always been a secret dream of mine to hang out all day in a cozy kitchen just cooking and shooting the shit with Madonna.  And something about her powerful, confident presence in such a toned and compact body really said MADONNA to me, ya know?  I first noticed her while unloading groceries.  I had my back to the door and I heard a loud rustling sound behind me.  I turned around to see  Madonna chewing on the handle of a grocery bag.
"Oh hello there little lady, what's your name?"
"Maa-aaa-aaa-aaa-dooonn-aaa-aaa-aaaa" she bleated with quiet dignity.
"Very pleased to meet you, I'm Sienna.  I'll be doing the food styling for the shoot and this is Rebecca, she'll be helping me out."  I said, gesturing to my assistant for the day the uber-talented Rebecca Farr.
"Got any greeee-eee-eee-eeen bee-eee-eee-aaaa-aaa-aaa-aaaans?"  she asked.
"Not on hand, sorry.  Maybe later you can help us out with some carrot tops.  We're also making sliders and mini pot pies, but I don't think you'll like those." I said.
"I'll give 'em a trrr-rr-rr-yy-yyy-yyy-!  I'm not a picky eee-eee-eeaa-ter."  She bleated enthusiastically.

The day went on like that in chatty camaraderie.  Just me and Rebecca and Madonna cooking and shooting the shit, like I'd always imagined!  Eventually the conversation turned from food to other more general topics.  Our favorite shampoos and the latest happenings on Glee.  We all thought Gwyneth did a great job with that Cee-Lo song, though Madonna was a teensy bit critical of her dancing chops.  By the end of the long day we were all fast friends.  I'm hoping she'll stop by from time to time.  It was so nice to work with such a convivial instant composter.
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  1. I wish that I had the kitchen acumen and conversational skills of that goat.

  2. Never know what a day brings in this business... so funny! Big shout out to Rebecca:)

  3. I want that little goat to return soon to let us know what delights you've given her to snack on lately.