Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Head in an Art Hole

So I've been off the grid for a loooong time.  Here's the deal:  I'm working on a big gallery installation with my Dad (which is awesome on many levels) that opens in December at Gallery KM in Santa Monica.  Because I still have to pay my rent and buy food to eat, my time has been split pretty evenly between working on killer food styling gigs and hunching over my living room table with this ultra nerdy magnifying head lamp on painting teeny tiny sculptures of food.  Husband, cats and blog all terribly neglected due to the demands of the muse.  I can't help it if my muse calls for chili dogs on the heads of pins and streaming Grey's Anatomy marathons.  She wants what she wants.  This is her by the way:

I know!  It's really weird that Madonna the kitchen goat is the all powerful force behind my art making mania, but you love who you love.  At any rate, I figured the least I could do is start sharing some of the results of all this hunkering down:

 Celibritard Halo 1

Trust me folks, these will make a lot more sense in the context of the installation, so clear your schedule December 10th for the opening.  In the mean time amuse yourselves trying to find your favorite itty bitty junk food item and pondering whether or not Derek will EVER be able to forgive Meredith for compromising the results of the Alzheimer's trial and make a go of starting a family with the African baby they kinda adopted.  
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  1. You are AMAZING!! Of course, I knew that already. The goat however, is news to me.

  2. WHEEEEEEEEEE I LOVE THE TINY FOOD!! Can't wait for the opening. So exciting. have to send me a link to that amazing lit up magnifying headgear. I need something like that for my embroidery work.